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Being able to network with quality writers and bloggers in one place saves a lot of time, and it's a great resource for smaller operators.

- Annie Waddington-Feather, Archipelago Choice

It has been a great tool to help me connect with other writers and tour operators. It has been very useful as I'm starting to plan a trip to Africa at the end of this year.

- Sally Pederson, Blogger

I have been with Top Travel Secrets from the start and I have made several very useful connections. I especially value the contacts that I have made with a variety of travel bloggers.

- Kevin, Nuremberg Tours in English

I am so pleased I joined Top Travel Secrets! I have already connected with quite a few tour companies and travel boards and I love that they are slightly smaller and obviously interested in working with travel bloggers - no cold calling required! The site is super easy to use and also makes it easy for me to share my latest content.

- Amanda O'Brien, Blogger

From the first time I saw Top Travel Secret, I immediately thought it was the ideal answer for me as a travel blogger. Top Travel Secret was just what I was looking for!

- Emanuele Ghidoni, Blogger - Rec Your Trip

Top Travel Secrets is already filling my inbox daily with interesting conversations from key industry players. Keep it up!

- Inma Gregorio, Blogger - A World to Travel

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