A Scam in Ashram

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A Scam in the Ashram is the second volume in the Terry’s Travels series, and all about the Indian subcontinent; India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as Tibet.

From the lamas of Ladakh in the Himalaya to the Sikhs of Amritsar, the Jains of Jodhpur, the Muslims of Mahasthangarh, the Christians of Kerala, the clowning Atsaras of Bhutan and monks and holy men just about everywhere. And from staring up at the highest point on earth to wandering along the seashore on a crowded Sri Lankan beach.

The book presents an eclectic mix of sadhus, saints, Sunnis, sinners, spirituality and scams; and tales of bureaucracy, baksheesh and the Buddha. It pulls no punches with plenty of scathing humour and politically incorrect sentiments, a sardonic look at humanity and the world.

It may well be the most controversial book you will ever read – certainly the most controversial travel book. Now time to get some Delhi Belly. Enjoy the journey.

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