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Thanks for taking a look at Top Travel Secrets!

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A letter from Patrick


Thanks for taking a look at Top Travel Secrets!

I'd like to tell you why I decided to create Top Travel Secrets.

In 2016, while working as a walking guide for a UK-based company, I started looking for a way to contact travel writers to tell them about our great trips.

I thought this would be fairly easy and started looking.

But I quickly discovered that getting hold of good travel writers was more difficult than I had expected. And unlike the bigger companies, we didn't have the financial resources to pay for a PR agent and newspaper or magazine adverts to get our publicity.

Then, while attending the WTM in London at the end of 2016, I found that there were lots of other small and independent companies in a similar situation - they had great products but were struggling to get their message out.

This is when Top Travel Secrets was born, and I decided to create an online platform designed specifically to make it easy and affordable for small travel companies to connect with travel writers and bloggers.

After a further 10 months of research, in November 2017 I teamed up with a website developer and we started working on designing Top Travel Secrets. By mid 2018, Top Travel Secrets was launched!

So, if you are a travel-industry company that would like to connect with great writers and bloggers, I highly recommend you try out Top Travel Secrets.

We offer a no-obligation free subscription.


Patrick Skinner (PhD)

Founder, Top Travel Secrets

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