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Download the Top Travel Secrets Web Application

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Top Travel Secrets. That’s why we developed the Top Travel Secrets app.

Our app uses the latest Progressive Web ApplicationĀ  (PWA) software. You can read more about thatĀ here and here. PWAs are similar to Android and IOS applications but are faster, more convenient and easier to use.

One of the main advantages of PWAs over Android and IOS apps is that they do not need to be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App store. Instead, the app can be downloaded simply by visiting the website through your device’s browser, and clicking the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button. Once clicked, you will have the Top Travel Secrets app on your device. Start the app by clicking the Top Travel Secrets icon on your device’s home screen.Ā 

To get your Top Travel Secrets app, use Google Chrome and visit Top Travel Secrets. Once the page loads, you’ll see a ‘Add to Home screen’ or similar button at the bottom of the screen. Click it. You should now see the Top Travel Secrets app on your device’s home screen.

Top Travel Secrets
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