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Summer Sporting Thoughts
How wonderful is the game of tennis!
With all that we have endured through these COVID times the opportunity to participate and watch great sporting events has helped enormously. As tennis fans we have been pretty lucky to have been able to keep playing when many other sports were not allowed. (Perhaps more so in Scotland than the rest of the UK). The success we have had at my own club in Glasgow with huge numbers, packed courts and now a long waiting list to join has reminded me of the beauty of our game for exercise, sociability and mental health. I will never take it for granted ever again.
Participation and competition for all ages and level of play plus good, enthusiastic coaches are the key elements which I'm proud to say we have managed to achieve. More courts would help!
The importance of trying to succeed and perseverance.
Not sure how many people are watching the Olympics, maybe due to limited BBC coverage and the time difference? I hope that you are as there are always so many great examples of effort , sacrifice and perseverance.
Tom Daly finally winning a gold medal in his 4th attempt shows an amazing level of perseverance.
And what about Helen Glover who up until March last year had been a full time mother to 3 kids and was looking forward to watching the Tokyo Olympics on telly after winning gold in 2012 & 2016. A combination of lockdown and the pull of trying again planted the idea in her head which then developed to her being in the women's pair final (rowing). With her partner Polly Swann they came 4th but her message afterwards was truly inspirational:
"Logan, Kit and Bo, I love you so much, I never saw myself getting back in a rowing (See more) boat until you guys came along. You can do anything you want to do. Trying and failing is no problem as long as you try."
I wonder if Piers Morgan heard this after his comments of only winning/coming first matters? I can only hope that he doesn't truly believe that and is just trying to get folk talking about him enough in the hope he can get a job again!? Too many words already on this sad little man whose understanding of the true values of sport are extremely limited.
The Euros and England's great efforts
I was so impressed with Gareth Southgate and his team in the way that they handled themselves throughout the competition and even though I have an Italian connection my hopes were for an England win mainly due to my admiration of their character and humility. Similar to tennis I truly believe in developing the person first and the results will take care of themselves, but losing while extremely disappointing is never failing if you have prepared to the best of your abilities. This looked like a very well prepared team who will have inspired lots of kids to have a go and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of participation and competition.
My only criticism of some of the players were those who immediately removed their runners up medal. This only feeds the thoughts of the mindless twitter commentators like the little sad man previously mentioned. In order to succeed you must accept defeat and only then will you be mentally strong enough to overcome the extreme pressures of these stressful moments in the future - maybe even a world cup final?
Andy Murray still competing
I hope that Andy continues to compete for as long as he is physically able as I just love watching his drive and determination. Even if it's only in doubles he would still inspire so many young players to play the game. He is, and always will be someone who loves to compete so why should he stop?
His 1st round win and the 5 set comeback match were the highlights of Wimbledon for me so please keep playing Andy!! The loss to Shapovalov was put into context when we saw that this young Canadian had the possibility to beat Novak and may well do so in the future?
Yes, losing isn't always failure.
I'd love to hear your summer thoughts on any of the above or even better if we could chat in person in Lucca late September on a Tuscan Tennis Holiday from 19th to 26th September? 👇
#tennis #tennistravel #tuscany #tennisholiday #tenniscoaching #tennisdrills #tenniscompetition
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A new special hosted week in Lucca
19th to 26th September 2021
As we are still in a period of uncertainty it is with some regret that we have decided to cancel the Lucca 21st to 28th August & Sardinia 28th August to 4th September weeks.
However, we now intend doing a special hosted week in Lucca from 19th to 26th September. That time of year can still be lovely with a more moderate temperature allowing you to play even more tennis than usual.
I would hope that we will have a clearer picture of the situation by the middle of August so until that time we would only ask for a note of interest at this time.
If you would like to register your interest please contact us and we can add your name(s) to the list.
​Click HERE for full information for the week -
Still dreaming of a Tuscan Tennis Holiday this year!
July 2021
#tennis #tennistravel #tennisholiday #tennisintuscany #tuscany #italy #italytennis
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Tuscany - A little cycle on the walls of Lucca after tennis...or a jog, or a seat with a good book and watch the world go by... #tennis #tennisholiday #tennistravel #tennisholiday
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Welcome to TTS Audrey!
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Audrey Shoulders just joined the site. Check out their profile.
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Fun on court each morning in Lucca, Tuscany
#tennis #tennistravel #lucca #tuscany #italy #tennisholiday #tenniscoaching
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Tennis in Tuscany......
#tenniscoach #tennistravel #tennisitaly #tennis #italy
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A little golf on a stunning course at Puntaldia, Sardinia.....after tennis!
#tennisholiday #tennistravel #tennis #golf #golftennis #tenniscoaching
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Baglafecht Weaver a large, chunky bird with a long, heavy bill. Extremely variable geographically, shows a pale eye, some black on the face, a yellow breast, and yellow edges on the wing feathers. #birdphotography #birdwatching #wildlifephotographyv
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A female Bushbuck, the least social antelope in Africa, usually solitary
Males have horns that grow straight back
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