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Beautiful India before the Virus

Relaxed, skinny dipping in the favourite courtyard pool I looked up at the clear blue sky, listened to the rippling sound of the kingfishers in

Welcome to Galway

Welcome to Galway and to Galway Adventures! We are a new company based in the heart of Galway offering guided tours of the city. In

A Scam in Ashram

A Scam in the Ashram is the second volume in the Terry’s Travels series, and all about the Indian subcontinent; India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan

It is Carnival Time and Venice Awaits….

Dress up and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the time when Venice dresses up and is filled with intrigue, atmosphere, colour

The Great Atacama Desert!

You have to see it to believe it! A unique journey that will take you under an infinite sky of stars and through the driest

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