Would you like to play tennis amongst the wonders of Florence, the charm of Lucca, the rich history of Sicily, or the calm turquoise waters of Sardinia?

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Tuscan Tennis Holidays is not your regular tennis holiday.

Founded in 1994 by Ian Campbell, one of the UK’s most highly qualified coaches, it is aimed at the more discerning, independent tennis lover with a desire to see Italy from the inside.

At all four locations- Florence, Lucca, Sicily and Sardinia we are based at local clubs and under Ian’s supervision, use English-speaking local coaches and guides to offer a unique experience of ‘la dolce vita’ …. as well as the chance to improve your game.

Tuscan Tennis Holidays was born out of Ian’s twin passions of Italy and tennis. He spent ten years living and coaching all over Italy before returning to his native Glasgow to gain his PCA Master qualification and was determined to maintain the connection.

His vision has remained unchanged…to let clients experience the ‘real’ Italy in hand-picked accommodation at wonderful locations, as well as enjoying top quality tennis coaching.

Ian is a fluent Italian speaker and has extensive knowledge of the local areas which he is always happy to share.

Restaurant recommendations are his speciality!

It’s a recipe that seems to work- since Tuscan Tennis Holidays began in 1994, 75% of our clients return year after year.

We’d love you to join us

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